Week 2 – Getting In the Grove

As I have said before this is second time that I am taking this course.  I was apprehensive

about my ability to re-learn what Mark and his Tribe as well as what Og

were trying to teach. My Old Blue Print was firmly intertwined within me.

I had fallen out of the good habits and was destined for mediocrity. I had to start

again.  So I dug in and found that it was easier than I had thought.  Mark has

lectured us that the time just before going to sleep is sacred.  I really never believed

him and would watch TV and then go right to bed.  I changed my habits this year.

I read Og as directed and then medicated for 15 minutes and then went to bed.  I was

able to sleep easier and actually remember my dreams.

I see Blue rectangles every where.  If I can not find them then my mind (that never

sleeps) redirects me to where they can be seen.  I am trying a variation of this exercise.

One of the premises of the MKMMA is to be independent thinkers.  When I meditate

I try to imagine the color blue.  Instead of seeing the inside of my eye lids I try to see the

color blue.  Now I only see flickers of blue but my goal is to see the color blue (and

then the other colors) across  the full expanse of my imagination.

My DPM is now set.  I want I need Liberty and True Health.  With Libwerty I can see

the world on my terms.  With true Health I can experience this world with every

fiber of my heart and soul.

The Jouney Continues.





MasterKey Week 1 Lost Sheep

Here we try again.  This is the second year of doing this course.  I have to redirect my

thoughts, my Inner Me again.  Like the sheep I became lost.  I lost direction.  I let the Old

Blue Print rear its head.  My daily meditations and Blue Print Builder was declared less

and less often.  Life got in the way. I was too busy.  I can think of a thousand reasons

not to have done the teachings from OG or the Lessons from the Master Key.  There is

really no excuse.  I failed to find my future self.  My DMP became blurred.

I know I have to re-engage myself.  I must be a slave to good habits.  The daily readings

and reciting of the Blue Print Builder and the reading from Haanel are essential to my

re-birth.  It has been hard to re direct my self.  I have been like an onion plant with

shallow roots.  I must be like the olive tree with deep roots to absorb the knowledge

which the Master Key can provide.

I am most excited  for the ones who are taking this course for the first time.  You

are on the brink of a new world of self discovery and free thinkers.  Buckle down.

The simple exercises that you need to do will seem strange but there is a method to all

this madness.  The journey will be hard but the reward great.

Be sure to engage with the group you will be with.  Send in your thoughts and ideas

and questions to the comment areas.  You will not be disappointed.

I begin my journey a new and grateful for the opportunity to do so.