Week 21 Life Is A Miracle

I have been on this earth for 66 years.  Sometimes in ignorance of the things that surround

and sometimes in awe of the things that surround me. Since I have been taking the Master

Key Program, I have become more observant of the world around me.  My back ground is

in science.  I am must more appreciative of the miracles which surround us. Albert

Einstein was right “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing

is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  Once you realize that

we are surrounded by miracles from the food we eat, the way we travel, the way we think,

the way we act you are closer to understanding the Universal Mind. Now when I go to work

I try to see everything with a new perspective.  Life is art in progress.  We have been

learning to observe art as life with more appreciation.  We are closer to recognizing

our future self.  The Hero’s Journey continues and it is a Brave and Wonderful New World.

Thank you Master Key.

I always keep my promises.










Week 20 Simplicty

How often have we heard the phrase “Keep it simple stupid”. The most complex

plans, no matter how intricate and complex, begins with a simple thought.

The thought itself is simple. Each step in the process of building a bridge or a

skyscraper has to be build step by step.   I had never heard of the Hedgehog

Principle  but the concept is elegant.  Simplify the plan and then build on it.

We spent weeks writing and rewriting our DMP.  They had to be simple and to

the point. Once you have the Plan, then work it with everything you got.

By using Wooden’s Pyramid of Success coupled with a burning desire

you have the right ingredients.  The blueprint is simple.  Most human

beings complicate the Plan.  You are building toward your future self.

The old blue print will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way.

I still have doubts and setbacks.  The Master Key builds step by step.

Each week a new idea and concept is brought forward.  I am looking

forward to meeting my future self with every fiber of my being.

I know my time on this Earth is limited.  My patients often ask me

“Doc, how long am I going to live?”  My answer is “You will live until you

die”.  It is not how long you live but how you live. Live the Dash

to the fullest.  Be a light that will Enlighten others.We are learning to

be the best we can be.  We can have a life of fulfillment.  I am building

a legacy for my children.  I want them to be able to say that I was everything

a father could be to them. The Master Key Program is showing me the way.

I always keep my promises.



Week 19 The Universal Mind & Dreams

We are all a part of the Universal Mind.  However most of us  do not realize this concept.

We are all on a journey. How this journey ends depends on us.  Those fortunate to be

able to discover the truth about our inner and outer world will lead a more wondrous

life then can ever be imagined. The Universal Mind is every present.  It is the Final

truth.  We are on a journey to  discover It.  Haanel talks about Good and Evil, Dark

and Light.  When man is able to tap into the Universal Truth  Evil and Darkness are

overcome. We have been told that our subconscious  makes all the decision before the

Conscious Mind has even heard all the details.  All that we possess all that we are is the

culmination of what our Subconscious Mind allows. We cam rise to the heavens or

be damned in hell.  The choice is ours.  By understanding the concept of the Subconscious

and the Universal Mind we can become reach greater heights the  we could ever have

imagined.  It might seem strange but one way this has effected me is in my dreams.

For the longest time I could never remembered  my dreams.  Since I have been taking

the Master Key course my dreams have become more vivid and real.  Dreams can be

a doorway to our subconscious mind, a lead in to the Universal Mind.  I believe that

when we sleep our subconscious mind is able to tap into the Universal Mind much

easier.  I now awake more refreshed and with greater vitality.  I look forward to the

day.  Challenges are not a obstacle but as Og says an untapped opportunity.

I always keep my promises.





Week 18 Janus

Janus is the Roman God who looks into the past and also into the future. We have been

told told there have been a number of people who have quit the program.  These

unfortunates have lost the opportunity to understand themselves and the world within.

(I know about this because I had qui the course last year halfway through).  Those

who are left can look into the future with a new understanding.  We are on target

to meet our future selves and I am very excited and humble to be able to do so.

Each of us are becoming the World’s Greatest salesman because we are authentically

believing in our selves.

I have been doing the index cards, DMP, movie trailer etc.  I will admit that I have

missed one or three times.  However they have become a habit and as Og has said

we can derive pleasure from our habits.  They have become part of my

daily ritual.  I wake up early, do my exercises and recite my DMP, etc.

I realize that i am whole,perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I can greet the day with greater content.  My daily chores are easier.

When in doubt I ask the question: “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

This is my future self.

I see the Guy in the Glass and see my future self.  My DMP is accomplished and I

am ready for the next step in my Hero’s Journey.

I have learned to keep my promises.


Week 17a Hero’s Journey

There is a Chinese proverb which states the longest journey starts with the

first step.  However one has to be willing to take that first step.  It is a

decision that only a few are willing.  You need to recapture the

enthusiasm and joy of discovery that we had as children.  Many of us have

lost that attitude because of Society’s  almost inflexible rules and

regulations.  We have lost the childlike joy of imagination that we can

be whatever we want to be.  i have had the good fortune to know that I have

always wanted to be a physician.  It took a long time to achieve this goal.

I had been told by my college advisor that I would never achieve this goal

because of my learning habits.  It was not until after I graduated that I find out

that I had a mild form of dyslexia.  My Hero’s Journey began when I decided I

waned to be a physician and I stepped out int the unknown.  I heard the

Herald’s Cry and I followed it.  Until I took the Master key Course I did not realize

that this was my Hero’s Journey.  I am grateful that things which had perplexed

me suddenly made sense.  Why could not learn as well as others?  Why did it

take me longer to learn things? I did not realize that I had the courage to

step out into the unknown.

The five things which we learned which create positive change (3 Gratitudes,

Journaling, Exercise, Medication and Random acts of Kindness) is a extremely

important step in our Journey of Self Awareness.  One of the premises that I

now know is that the Master Key Program has allowed us to be able to expand our

horizons, to be able to think outside the box, to allow us to b come children

again in our Journey of like.

My old blue print is still there trying to make excuses.  However it is no longer

the all powerful force in my life dominating all the thoughts and actions.  I am free

now to see the Universal Mind with Hope, Excitement and Child Like Wonder.

I always keep my promises.


Week 17 Thought & Concentration

In Part 17 Haanel talks about thought.  We as humans are accustomed  to see the

universe with our 5 senses. Some of these senses are more heightened than in others.

For example a blind person has heightened sense and tough.   Thus there is compensation

for lack of certain deficits.  However the only true thought is spiritual.  The Master Key

program has been aiding and guiding us in our quest to reach this goal.

This spiritual thought required concentration.  Not a intermittent or sometimes off

sometimes off but a 24/7  with a dedicated course of action. This is where the

guardian at the gate concept comes into play again. We must be sure that the

thoughts we allow into our subconscious  are  only beneficial.  These must be repeated

on a daily basis.  Once we have have a concentration and desire then mental

discovery and attainment are possible .

I continue on my journey to obtain this level of spiritual thought and concentration.

I know what needs to be done but the old blue print still stands in my way.

This week we are to discover kindness.  It is all around us but we need to be able

realize that it is present.

I am still looking for a Master Mind Alliance but have not been successful.  This is

what I am lacking to reach the next level.  I am struggling but will not give up.

To quote Og that the miracle of my birth will and must be extended to today and

beyond while I still have moments on this Earth.

The Journey continues.

I always keep my promises.



Week 16 Exponetial Kindness

This is the week that we truly start the practice the Franklin Virtues. Each of have been

instructed to write down at least two kindness each day. Many examples are given

in the Forum from saying I Love You to picking up garbage to cleaning up after some one.

We could feeling the strength in our words and in our deeds.  We as a group were unified

in our commitment to bring kindness and in turn joy to the world no matter how small

it seemed. Let us imaging KINDNESS on a Grand Scale. If one person did kindness to two

people who did it to two other people who did it to two other people in little over a month

(33 days) kindness would l have been given to everyone in the world (2 to the 33rd power).

Talk about power in numbers.  This is what Mark and his group are going to accomplish.

Their dream (not actually a dream but a reality – our future selves) in brining the Master

Key System to the World.  I wish that  I could attend the Meeting in Hawaii. However

I used all my sick time and vacation time for the next year due to being out for bilateral

knee surgery.  My future self is already going to be there at the next meeting.

The Song “Just a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down” can easily be

replaced with “Just a Spoonful of Kindness Makes the Medicine (and Just about

Anything) Go Down”.

As a doctor I spend my hours listening to people’s problems.  I have been

practicing kindness (as described in the Franklin Virtues) and I have a greater

sense of being able to help my patients.  We talk not only about their ailments

but about their family and their health.  I tried to give some kind word or

encouragement to each patient no matter how trivial it might seem.  This has become

easier since I have been following the Master Key Program.  I am a better physician and

a better Human Being for it.  Thank you again Mark and your Team.

I always keep my promises.